Media For Cause

Organic Farming

It is difficult to find out if the vegetables in Bali are really organic. The solution has the social enterprise Bali Coop which offers a certified fair trade hub for organic fruits and vegetables. Media for Cause supported Bali Coop in the creation of an image video to attract more sponsors and partners to scale the project.

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Plastic Pollution Problem Bali

Over 240 tons of trash are produced each day in the southern part of Bali alone and 25% comes from the tourism industry. Mudfish No Plastic focuses on educating the local youth in a fun way about plastic pollution. Together with Mudfish No Plastic we removed more than 100kg of plastic from the ocean and supported with our community many of their Plastic workshops to educate local kids about the danger of single use plastic.

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Tree Planting for Critical Wildlife Habitat

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of human-wildlife conflicts in the Leuser Ecosystem. In order to mitigate the impacts, Connect for Cause supports the restoration of a couple hundred hectares of forest to connect fragmented areas of the elephant corridor with our partners HAkA Sumatra and Leuser Conservation Forum. Until now, we have planted 280 trees together with our community and partners.

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The Turtle Island Bangkaru

The island of Bankaru also called the “Turtle Island” is the last place in Indonesia with untouched rainforest and where endangered turtles nest every night of the year. The organisation Ecosystem Impact is on a mission to protect with a team of rangers this magical place. Connect for Cause was on the ground with Media for Cause tomake the impact visible of Ecosystem Impact and our community helped support the project financially.

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