The Turtle Island Bangkaru

The island of Bankaru also called the “Turtle Island” is the last place in Indonesia with untouched rainforest and where endangered turtles nest every night of the year. The organisation Ecosystem Impact is on a mission to protect with a team of rangers this magical place. Connect for Cause was on the ground with Media for Cause tomake the impact visible of Ecosystem Impact and our community helped support the project financially.

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The Bangkaru Island of Sumatra Indonesia have global significance for their biodiversity. They offer one of the last refuges and nesting sites for critically endangered sea turtles as well as several of the world’s rarest bird species. The organisation Ecosystem Impact is on a mission to protect this magical place. They have a team of rangers that patrol this island. Without the rangers, many bird species that call Bangkaru home, could be pushed to extinction. Many of the endangered sea turtles like Green Turtle and Leatherback Turtle that lay eggs on the island 365 nights a year, with an estimated 200,000 hatchlings, could be wiped out by poachers.

Media for Cause was on the ground to document the work and make the impact visible of Ecosystem Impact.

Details Campaign and Impact

The video made a lot of people more aware that such a remote place exists and needs help to be protected against poachers. With CFC we raised a total of 400€ to support the patrol of the ranger team and make sure that as many as possible of the endangered turtle species survive.

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