Coaching For Cause

Coaching For Cause

We offer sustainability educational resources, events and personalized one-on-one sessions to achieve our customers’ sustainable goals.

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Have you ever wondered what all of the eco words exactly mean? In the dictionary you will find our definitions of the key words and phrases that are important to understand as you set out on your sustainability journey. Consider this the prelude to your sustainability journey!

The Sustainability Roadmap Masterclass has been created to offer you a pathway to success. Our aim for you through the Coaching for Cause Membership is to have the resources, skills, network of support and confidence to live the sustainable lifestyle you want to live and, most importantly, launch your own project to share with the world.

To make the Sustainability Roadmap Masterclass as effective for you as possible we created a Workbook along with it. You can download it for free and become a powerful Eco Warrior who is changing the world!

Meet Our Coaches



Wildlife Photography
Frank is a published wildlife photographer. His work can be found on the likes of Nat Geo, Forbes, Smithsonian Magazine, Insider.


Jen is a teacher, mom and advocate who helps people build a family culture around veganism. She will help you make a lasting lifestyle change.


Digital Marketing
Karabo is a former radio personality, digital content creator, and founder of a non-profit Outhere Worldwide.


Manuel Bergmann is the CEO of the social enterprise Coaching for Cause and a sustainability activist who tries to inspire others for positive changes.
Philip Bryden


Plant Based Nutrition

Philip is a plant-based nutritionist, specializing in Integrative and Sports Nutrition.



Sustainable Tourism
Sandra is a Responsible Tourism Manager, Storyteller, Endangered Wildlife, and Marine Conservationist.


Social Media

Blane is an Architect, Content Creator, and Digital Conservationist. His mission is to help environmentalists amplify their impact through Social Media.



Climate Activism

Joshua is a climate advocate and founder of the charity organisation GAYO.



Zero Waste
Yisel is an environmentalist, wellness coach, and mom to a 6-year-old girl. Her goals are to help others leave this world better than how they found it.

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