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Immersion Journey to Personal Call

Let me tell you about my story.

The act of giving back makes me the happiest. During my early professional career as a fitness coach, I set up my very first ever clothing brand called Livetaak which part of the profit goes to support education in Africa. Only when I visited the organization itself in Nairobi, Africa, however, I realized the situation in reality. It was very inspiring to see young kids smiling, learning, and so thankful for the little things I normally take granted for. This feeling of appreciation gives me so much back and lets me think about how I value things. This experience has initiated the spark in me to use my privilege to give back. I also learned the challenges that most non-profit organizations experienced which was how to be financially sustainable in the long term. This was the situation I again encountered during my time in Indonesia, the next country I visited.

Mindset and Lifestyle Transformation

Before visiting Indonesia, I had never been exposed to any sustainability knowledge and this changed when I joined the Green Educator Course at the Green School Bali. I fell in love with Bali and eventually spent one year as Camp Facilitator, learning more sustainable living, outdoor education and how to live a life of service . This particular experience has shifted my mindset and made me more aware of the different environmental issues that are happening in the world.

After spending my time and volunteering for various organizations in Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Bali, I also witnessed first hand environmental challenges such as waste management, deforestation, and animal welfare. All these experiences inspired me to take full responsibility for my personal actions. From this, I also learned that my clothing company was not the most sustainable material and was not aware of the harm clothing can have on the environment.

This led me making the decision to stop the Livetaak clothing brand to be part of the solution, not the problem. I wanted to create positive environmental change in Indonesia.

Leading and giving by example creates a ripple of change!

Leading and giving by example creates a ripple of change!

Starting from A Small Circle to Colour In

My volunteer experiences in Indonesia and taking actions to a more sustainable life made me realize that so many people are feeling overwhelmed with all the infos on sustainability and charity organizations struggling to be financially sustainable. This is how I came up with the idea of creating a platform that brings people and NGOs together for sustainable living by providing assistance in collaboration with eco coaches.

It all started with a simple idea that I have had in 2018 to help people on their sustainable journey through coaching sessions and support incredible organizations at the same time. And that is how Coaching for Cause was born. We started with 1-to-1 online coaching programs from Germany and support environmental organizations in Indonesia with their fundraising efforts through organized campaigns and percentages of profits from our service.

Finally in 2021, we officially registered as a legal company in Indonesia that is based on a social enterprise model. Coaching for Cause has grown from doing only coaching sessions into a big eco community network and that is what led us to evolve and eventually become Connect for Cause.

Where Do We Go from here?

Connect for Cause truly believes that everyone can make a difference and only solve the most pressing environmental challenges if we work together. We want to become a bridge that connects people, businesses, and organizations together to support one mutual cause of protecting and restoring the environment.

We will achieve this through the four (4) pillars of Connect for Cause which are the Media for Cause, Community for Cause, Coaching for Cause and Business for Cause.

This evolution process is an exciting opportunity to not only connect and work together, but also to scale up the positive impacts we can make. Join us in making the world’s environment a better place, one person at a time.

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